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why is Joust so simple to use? Our effective and personalised home loan calculator

Why is Joust so simple to use? 

Joust was created to give consumers convenience, empowerment and transparency. 

Joust is more of a straight line approach. Normally you would walk into a branch, meet with the bank manager, take all the pamphlets, go away, think about it, read other advertisements and see what's on websites and the TV.

Now you can make the banks come to you. 

Joust is so simple to use because of it's convenience. All you have to do is click 'Get Started' on the front page to start the three-minute profile input process.

You can start a Joust and achieve the same competitive tension as you would having to make appointments with six or seven banks. You can do it on your mobile phone, in the convenience of your lounge room, or on the train to work.

Joust rewards good customers. Customers with a good credit score, a steady income and a minimum of 20% equity or deposit are ideal customers.

Joust is so simple because banks want reliable and low-risk customers to take out a loan with them. The lenders are more likely to be more aggressive in their bidding to win these customers.

Joust provides you with the ability to create competitive tension. When you start a Joust you are telling lenders that you’re interested in finding the best home loan rates. You make the rules.

Discover more about how Joust can help you find the best home loan rates in Australia.


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Get Started Is Joust for Me?

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