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Can I trust Joust? Joust home loan marketplace keeps your information secure

Joust holds an Australian Credit License Number 481805 and is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can absolutely trust Joust to provide a secure, competitive marketplace for your home loan. Joust plays the role of matchmaker, providing a spot for lenders to meet customers. Joust’s innovative new platform provides home loan applicants like you with a transparent, convenient home loan shopping experience. With Joust, you're getting offered some of the best rates that lenders can give you based on your credit and personal profile.

Joust was created because we know that people like you deserve to be judged on your own merits and finances, not the national average. Joust brings this idea to life, backed by unbeatable industry knowledge. The Managing Director of Joust Pty Ltd, Mark Bevan, is a former senior executive of Westpac Banking Corporation and Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The Chairman of Joust Pty Ltd, Richard Hockney, is a former senior execuitve of National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Joust stores your personal information in a secure environment that complies with all regulatory requirements and follows best practices.

Before you start your Joust, you will fill out some personal information in our web application. Joust removes all personally identifiable information so lenders only see a de-identified profile of basic financial information, including your Veda credit score band. Lenders will use this profile to drive their bids.

Your de-identified profile allows lenders to see only the basic information they need to bid on your business.

This allows lenders to tailor their loan offers based on your financial profile, not anything else. You can be totally comfortable in the knowledge that your personal information is not transmitted to anyone for the duration of your Joust.

Once you select your home loan provider, Joust’s role is finished. Joust will provide the winning loan provider with your full profile so they can get in contact with you. The lender will work with you directly to finalise your home loan application and settlement. You can read more about how we keep your information secure in our Privacy Statement

Unlike a mortgage broker, Joust does not actually participate in your home loan application process. Joust is committed to providing you and lenders with a dynamic, fair and transparent marketplace that allows you to select the best home  loan available to you. Accordingly, Joust doesn't charge lenders trail commission.

Would you like to learn more about how you can select the best home loan rates with Joust? You can read all about how the process works here, or you can find out if Joust is right for you.

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Get Started Is Joust for Me?

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