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what is a joust digital leaderboard? Find the lowest home loan rat Australia can offer

What is a Joust digital leaderboard? 

The Joust digital leaderboard shows the list of all your lenders bids once Jousting commences. 

Once you have selected your loan amount, you can sit back and watch as lenders bid with their best home loan rates for you. 

Lender's names will be listed with the lowest home loan interest rate bid at the top of the digital leaderboard. This will be followed in numerical order from the lowest to highest home loan interest rate.

One of the features of the Joust digital leaderboard is when the bid rates come in, there's a drop-down arrow which can give you the weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

You can exit the Joust website, return to check the progress of your Joust and log in on the homepage to see your digital leaderboard. You can end a Joust at any time if you are happy with a bid.

what is a joust digital leaderboard? Find the lowest home loan rat Australia can offer

Lenders receive a de-identified profile including your occupation, your employer, your salary, your year of birth, your postcode, and your Veda credit score band. This is so they can offer good consumers the best home loan rates.

Lenders cannot see your name, full address, full date of birth, email or phone number., Your contact details are not provided to the lender until you have declared a winning bank.

Once a Joust has ended, there's a five-hour window to declare a winner. The lender will then make contact with you within 24 hours to further discuss this home loan rate and expedite your new loan.


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