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How Phil Rankine Successfully Refinanced his Home Loan With Joust

"I was pretty interested in Mark from Joust, who is an ex-banker, after hearing him on ABC radio. He obviously had insight into the banking industry, and knowledge into how banks work. He sounded pretty trustworthy, so I went online to check out what Joust is all about.

I had to answer some very simple questions like name and mortgage size.

Literally as soon as I pressed go, banks started to bid.

What I realised is that the equity in my home from my current valuation (which I provided details of to Joust) actually started to grow and grow. So, as well as getting a better interest rate, I was also seeing the lenders who were going to lend me more money and unlock some of that equity in our house.

My current bank actually jumped in at the last minute with a super offer to keep my business. What I ended up getting was a better interest rate from my bank, unlocking more out of the equity in my home, and less repayments per month. Those three things simply from doing a free Joust on the app."

- Phil RankineChannel 9 Block star

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