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How Phil Rankine Found the Best Home Loan Rates


Are you unhappy with your current home loan interest rate? Looking for the lowest home loan rates to buy a new home? Do you want to lower your monthly mortgage repayments and free up some much needed cash?

When you obtain a home loan, it's a very large investment. It is a long-term, expensive commitment, so it is vital that you are comfortable with your arrangement. But what if you're not? 

In this video, Managing Director of Joust Mark Bevan discusses the importance of obtaining a low home loan interest rate with Channel 9 Block star, Phil Rankine - of Phil and Amity. 

Unsure about his own home loan, Phil overheard an interview with Mark on ABC radio, discussing the introduction of the Joust live auction platform into the South Australian market. Thinking he might be able to find a better interest rate for his home loan, Phil decided to put his trust in this start-up business and give Joust a go. And what a success story it was! 

Sharing his experiences with the Joust platform, Phil discusses with Mark the incredible benefits of using Joust to search for a better home loan interest rate. 

So, why should you try Joust? How can Joust help you to find some of the best home loan rates Australia has to offer?

Coming from the banking industry himself, Mark created the Joust platform to give the power back to good quality home loan consumers. After years of seeing banks favour new customers with million dollar advertising budgets and enticing deals, Mark's team is seeking to change in the industry - for good. 

When it comes down to it, the banks care about your business. So, why not make them fight for it? Why not push them to offer you a more competitive home loan interest rate? 

With the Joust platform, you can do exactly that. Starting a Joust takes as little as 3 minutes, and then you can watch as up to fifteen banks battle to offer you their best home loan interest rates. No more endless meetings with banks and mortgage brokers. Instead, you can sit back in the comfort of your own home, watching your live auction from your smart device. In a matter of days, you could have a home loan interest rate that can save you thousands of dollars a year in mortgage repayments. 

Watch the video to discover how Phil was able to significantly reduce his home loans interest rate with his current bank through the Joust platform. 

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