Get Started Is Joust for Me?
How do I start a Joust? Join our competitive platform to find the lowest home loan rate in Australia

How do I start a Joust?

If you’re looking to get a better interest rate on your home loan, start a Joust.

At Joust we aim to offer our consumers convenience, empowerment, and transparency. Joust aims to create competitive tension by having a panel of lenders bidding live and transparently, directly back to your mobile device.

Joust is a marketplace for good consumers to connect with our panel of lenders to get the best home loan rate Australia can offer.

By jumping onto, you can start a Joust and achieve the same competitive tension as you would having to make appointments with six or seven banks. You can do it on your mobile phone, in the convenience of your lounge room or on the train to work.


how do i start a joust and find the lowest home loan rate in Australia


Steps to start a Joust


  • Grab your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer and open
  • Bookmark for convenience when returning to your Joust.
  • Click 'Get Started' on the front page to start the three-minute profile input process. Joust acts as a home loan calculator and you determine the loan you need.
  • Enter the details of the property including whether it is your first home, where it's located and how much you expect the purchase price to be.
  • Enter the details for the loan amount including how much you need to borrow, fixed or variable rate and how long you would like to pay it off over.
  • Enter your personal details including your full name, email address, mobile number, driver’s license, gender and date of birth.
  • Enter your employment details including your employment situation, occupation, where you work and annual salary before tax.
  • Enter where you live and if you are applying for the loan alone or with a second applicant.
  • Joust will then check your credit score, which is obtained through Equifax which is the leading credit reporting bureau in Australia.
  • If you have a good credit score, a steady income and 5% equity in your home, or a 5% deposit you will be ready to Joust.
  • You can then set the time of your Joust between one and three business days.
  • Once started you can sit back and watch as lenders bid with their best interest rates for your business.
  • Lenders cannot see your name,  full address, full date of birth, email or phone number., Your contact details are not  provided to the lender until you have declared a winning bank.
  • The lenders do receive a de-identified profile including employment, your occupation, your employer, your salary, your year of birth, your postcode, and your credit score band. This is so they can offer good consumers the best possible home loan rate.
  • You can exit the Joust website and return to check the progress of your Joust and log in on the homepage to see your bids. You can end a Joust at any time if you are happy with a bid.
  • Once a Joust has ended there’s a 24 hour window to declare a winner.
  • When you declare the winner, the lender will then make contact with you within 24 hours to further discuss this home loan rate and expedite your new loan. 

And that is how you start a Joust. The profile input process will only take 3 minutes and all your details are confidential. The lender will receive a de-identified profile that will not identify individual users. The lenders have no contact details so you don’t have to deal with pushy sales people or intermediaries.


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Get Started Is Joust for Me?

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