Get Started Is Joust for Me?
Can I access Joust on any smartphone? Discover the convenience of our competitive marketplace

Yes, you can access Joust on any smartphone. Joust allows you to connect with our panel of lenders and get offered some of the best home loan rates available. You can access Joust on any smartphone by visiting  and clicking on 'Get Started'

The Joust website is easy to use and navigate on any computer, phone or tablet. 

At this moment in time Joust does not have an official smartphone App to download.

Joust puts the power back with the customer as they select their loan amount, type and repayment time. 

You can use the Joust auction to determine the parameters of your home loan and set how long the bidding process lasts. Jousts can be as short as 24 hours, but no longer than five days.

By jumping onto, you can start a Joust and achieve the same competitive tension as you would having to make appointments with six or seven banks. You can do it on your mobile phone, in the convenience of your lounge room or on the train to work.

At Joust we aim to offer our consumers convenience, empowerment, and transparency. The convenience of Joust from home enables users and lenders to save a lot of time. Our lenders want to find customers as efficiently as possible. Lenders spend millions on infrastructures, staff, branches and advertising to try and find you.

Joust saves our lenders time and money by finding customers who fit their marketing and growth strategies all in one place. This creates competitive pressure between the bidders. The advantage is with the consumers. You make the rules and reap the benefits.


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Get Started Is Joust for Me?

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