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What does it cost to Joust online home loan shopping

Short Answer: Joust is free for consumers!

It used to be that finding a home loan was a long and protracted process. Either you shopped around yourself by visiting banks or you went to a mortgage broker to have them shop for you. After all that, the loan you ended up with might not even be the best one available to you.

Home loan shopping shouldn’t be that hard.

Joust is here to help. As a free, online marketplace for home loans, Joust provides good home loan customers with the opportunty to be offered better home loan rates. Our unique process matches excellent consumers with lenders who are looking for good customers.

When you use Joust, lenders compete to win your business. That means you’re able to see the real-time bidding battle for your loan. This transparent competition inspires lenders to bid for your business with lower and lower interest rates.

Mortgage brokers position themselves as free for consumers, but did you know that banks end up paying high origination costs to brokers? These costs need to be accounted for, which means they're rolled into your rate. A mortage broker might typically be charging the bank a 0.60% upfront fee plus an annual trail commision of up to 0.35%.

With Joust, you don't have to worry about paying broker trailing commissions long after your loan is finalised.

Joust is paid a once-off 0.20% fee by the lenders upon settlement of the loan.

This low-cost to the lenders means they are eager to Joust which works in your favour, allowing you to shop smart and quickly for the best home loan interest rate available to you. Joust customers enjoy highly competitive home loan rates, meaning you pay less over the life of the loan.

Joust helps consumers like you find the best home loan interest rates with:

Ready to take the next step? You can learn about Joust’s applicant requirements, learn how a Joust works or get started today.

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Get Started Is Joust for Me?

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