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Joust is a free digital marketplace for good consumers to connect directly with lenders who bid online for your home loan business.

If you select a bank and complete your home loan with them, Joust receives a one-off 0.20% success fee from the bank. This success fee is significantly less than the average mortgage broking up-front fees and trailing commission. Joust is more economical than a mortgage broker and costs the consumer nothing.

Joust eliminates the middle man from the transaction. This results in lenders not having to pay a traditional mortgage broker an annual trailing commission. Joust receives a 0.20% one-off success fee from the bank.

Banks want reliable customers to take out a loan with them. Lenders are more likely to be more aggressive in their bidding to win these customers. Joust is a marketplace that rewards good customers. If you have a good credit score, a steady income and a minimum of 20% equity or deposit, you’re an ideal customer.

Lenders will see your de-identified profile to offer you a very competitive personalised interest rate on your home loan.

Our Joust lenders will see your:

  •      Requested loan amount
  •      Existing equity/deposit
  •      Veda credit score band
  •      Postcode of your property
  •      Year of birth
  •      Occupation
  •      Employer

Banks have costly infrastructure, staff, branches and advertising to attract the right customers. All this adds up and creates a high cost of doing business.

Joust gives lenders ideal customers all in one place. This results in the banks having a lower cost to find the ideal customer.

Would you like to learn more about how Joust can deliver you lower home loan rates? Or you might like to try our home loan calculator....


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